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Extractions Specialist

If you develop a deep cavity or one of your wisdom teeth is unable to break through the gum line, your dentist might recommend extractions. At Novato Family Dental Care, Clayton Perry, DDS, Vincent Freemantle, DDS, and the team regularly perform extractions. Using anesthesia and special tools, they can remove damaged or decaying teeth, ensuring your mouth stays healthy. To make an appointment call the office in Novato, California, or use the online booking feature today.

Extractions Q & A

What are extractions?

An extraction is a common dental procedure that removes one (or several) teeth. 

Your permanent teeth are tough and meant to withstand years of biting and chewing, but they aren’t invincible. General wear-and-tear, cavities, and oral trauma can affect their integrity, increasing the risk of tooth pain, gum disease, and other potentially serious issues. 

If your dentist uncovers a deep cavity, an impacted wisdom tooth, or another condition that affects the health of your mouth, they might recommend extractions to reduce the risk of complications and ensure optimal oral health going forward.

How do I prepare for extractions?

Before recommending extractions, your Novato Family Dental Care provider reviews your dental health history, asks about your symptoms, and conducts an oral exam. 

During the consultation, let your dentist know about any underlying medical conditions you have, like high blood pressure, a congenital heart defect, or kidney disease, because they might increase the risk of surgical complications. You should also let your provider know if you take any medicines or supplements daily, as certain drugs can interfere with the anesthesia.

What are the types of extractions?

At Novato Family Dental Care, the team performs simple and surgical extractions:

Simple extractions

If you have a damaged or decaying tooth that’s above the gum line, your provider does a simple extraction. They numb your mouth with a local anesthetic, gently loosen your tooth, and then carefully remove it.

Surgical extractions

If you have a tooth that’s below your gum line and unable to break through, your provider performs a surgical extraction. They numb your mouth, make a small incision above the impacted tooth, and carefully remove it with special tools. Afterward, they close the incision and pack the empty space with gauze.  

Do extractions present risks?

Extractions are safe and usually well-tolerated, but like any type of oral surgery, there are some risks. Following your procedure, make sure to follow your dentist’s recovery instructions carefully. Take any medication as prescribed, eat only soft foods, and brush more gently than usual.

About a week after your extraction procedure, you return to Novato Family Dental Care. Your dentist conducts an exam and monitors the progress of your recovery. Most people return to normal activities within two or three days.

To see if you can benefit from an extraction, make an appointment at Novato Family Dental Care by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.

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